UPDATE: Truman Hotel Remains Open After Health Scare

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Cole County Health Department is investigating the Truman Hotel and Conference Center after guests became ill while attending a conference last week.

Missouri Department of Health official Gina Terlizzi told KOMU that the department received notification of two confirmed cases of Influenza Type A.

Terlizzi said the department has been trying to gather information by contacting each of the attendees of the state coroners' convention at the hotel reported feeling ill last Wednesday night. It said that 81 out of 126 people got sick, most showing flu-like symptoms. Several attendees were hospitalized for a variety of respiratory symptoms.

After the health scare, the hotel fixed a leaking window in the banquet room, replaced ceiling tiles, and is working to replace mortar joints in an unoccupied room.

"Although influenza has been reported, the investigation is ongoing to identify other possible causes and sources of the illness," Missouri Health Department Director Gail Vasterling said in a letter to the coroner conference attendees.