Update: Two Reportedly in Custody after Miller County Shooting

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MILLER COUNTY - Two suspects are in custody after after an alleged shooting Wednesday night.

Miller County Sheriff's deputies responded late Wednesday night to a person who had been injured by an apparent gun shot wound. Security camera video at Osage Auction Barn on Highway 54 shows a helicopter landing near the store to rescue one of the victims.

"This was outside of my gate," auction barn worker Alfred Ferguson said. "And the video shows them across [the way]."

The Miller County Sheriff's Department has still not released any information on the suspects, or where the shots might have been fired. However, Ferguson has a guess as to where they came from.

"I'm thinking the way the vehicles came in it's up toward Eldon," Ferguson said. "There are some other places up there that are a little seedy."

There is also no word on how many people may have been wounded. Witnesses say they heard sirens running as early as 8:30 Wednesday evening.