UPDATE: University Hospital Unveils High Tech Neurosciences Center

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COLUMBIA - The University of Missouri Hospital celebrated a new addition Tuesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

The new Neurosciences Center will feature high tech medical equipment that will help better serve mid-Missourians across the area. The new center features four epilepsy monitoring centers that will help individualize patient care. The monitoring center will also notify nurses and staff when people have seizures. This will allow nurses to quickly determine what type of seizure the person has and what treatment they need for their symptoms.

The rooms will also feature computers and scanners that will automatically upload patient information into their electronically stored file. This will help simplify paperwork. Dr. Pradeep Sahota said that this will help nurses focus on the patient.

"Nurses can now really add the human touch instead of filling out records," Sahota said. 

The center is a dream come true for Pradeep. He believes it will help students learn how to use state-of-the-art technology. The community will also get a center that will help them locally.

"Families can have the care they need in the area. They will not have to fly to a center and leave their families behind for treatment," Sahota said.

The center is designed similarly to the new medical tower opening in the spring. For more information about the center and services, visit the website.