UPDATE: Videos catch people stealing packages from Columbia doorsteps

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COLUMBIA - Videos surfacing from two Columbia neighborhoods show individuals stealing packages from doorsteps. 

A video from a neighbor in southwest Columbia's Thornbrook neighborhood shows an individual stealing a package from a doorstep. Shortly after KOMU 8 shared the video on Facebook, a neighbor from the Bellwood neighborhood shared another video of someone stealing a package from a doorstep.

Video from around 5:30 p.m. Saturday in the Bellwood neighborhood shows a person running to the doorstep, taking a package and running back to a vehicle. 

Some residents from the Thornbrook neighborhood grew suspicious of the multiple thefts happening there, some even taking place before October, and began to record video to catch the man in his stride.

Video from around 6 p.m. Saturday in the Thornbrook neighborhood shows a person pulling up to the property owner's driveway in an SUV. After a while, the thief looks around, grabs the package at the doorstep and quickly drives away. 

According to Thornbrook neighbor Jeff Rackers, the thief waits for packages to be delivered by UPS, FedEx and USPS before making a move to steal them.

"I don't think this is just our neighborhood, I think this is multiple neighborhoods that this is going on," Rackers said.

Some neighbors have even started to leave decoy boxes with notes to the thief. Some neighbors have installed more cameras and other security devices in an extended effort to catch this individual.

"The awareness is probably the biggest thing," Rackers said of his own neighborhood. "They're watching, and they're looking and actively trying to catch this guy."

The Columbia Police Department has acknowledged the Thornbrook thefts. A picture of the vehicle and other relevant information is on CrimeStoppers' page

(Editor's note: This story has been updated to include information about a separate package theft in the Bellwood neighborhood.)

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