Update: Workers Claim Abandonment

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Monday we aired a story about eleven workers stranded in Columbia because of no payment from their employers. The eleven laborers from Atlanta, Georgia took a job subcontracted from Aspen Heights off of Bethel Road. The job was for woodworkers and framers to help build the new student housing complex.

Everything Staffing in Atlanta found the men for the job and then subcontracted them to Black Sparta who would eventually get them to and from Columbia.

The main contractor for Aspen Heights, R-Energy LLC from Cedar Park, TX is in charge of paying all subcontracted workers. According to Everything Staffing in Atlanta it is Black Sparta and R-Energy who are responsible for the stranded workers.

A sister station in Atlanta says the Everything Staffing office is closed and locked up. But the co-owner of Everything Staffing, Kristine Williams, said

"Ya know we were basically bamboozled as well, we were lied to by Black Sparta and his affiliates. So we're doing everything in our power to try and fix the situation voluntarily."

Black Sparta was contracted with Everything Staffing to ensure the laborers received what they were promised.Williams said that they have turned over all evidence to their attorneys and will be pursuing this issue in court.

Originally when the story was reported there were eleven workers stranded, now only seven remain. The hotel that the workers are at, Econolodge, will be kicking the workers out tomorrow morning because thousands of dollars are owed.

Aaliyah Johnson has her brother and her sons father stuck in Columbia and she said, "We here we want to thank Columbia for their help and trying to help our boys. But we still want answers from the people responsible."

Aspen Heights public administraor said "We are not at liberty to discuss the situation" and asked us to leave. We have contacted Black Sparta and R-Energy but have not heard back from either company.