Upgraded Boone County Fair Starts Tuesday Video 1

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COLUMBIA - Despite the heat, the Boone County Fair will kick off Tuesday and with it new improvements to the yearly event.

This year, the management team cleaned up the fair grounds, repairing structures, painting and weeding the area. More lights were also installed to make the fairgrounds more accessible. Eventually, fair organizer Tracey Mulligan said they want to build new structures and update the fairgrounds.

There will be plenty of activities throughout the week for all ages. There will be games, carnival rides, animal shows, and concerts. For a complete list of activities, visit the Boone County Fair website.

The fair will also be shortened to five days compared to 11 days in previous years to condense the program. Instead of having a few things each day, there will be several activities.

Ticket prices will also double this year from $5 a ticket to $10. But the new price includes seating and admission to any grand stand event unlike previous years. Mulligan hopes to use any profit from the fair to keep improving the fairgrounds. They also hope to rely on public donations.

To combat the hot temperatures, the fair will have plenty of water and shelters to cool people off. Many of the large events will take place in the arena which is air conditioned. There will also be several cooling tents throughout the fair.

Animals have access to plenty of water. Owners are making sure to bring fans and hose down them down every couple hours to make sure they are ready and in the best condition to be shown.