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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Urban Issues Committee heard a bill Monday expunging some felony charges from people's records, if he or she has been out of trouble for five years.

The bill specifically targets drug and prostitution charges.  Individuals will not have their records erased if they were involved in a driving while intoxicated offense or a sexual molestation offense.

The goal of the bill is for people who have had a history of drug offenses to not affect them in trying to get jobs, houses and other life activities.  However, concerns are that employers should have this information before they hire a person.

Bill sponsor, Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, said the bill is one she is very passionate about.  

"Young men and women try are released from prison and knock on the door of opportunity and it is slammed in their face because of the stigma of previous felonies," said Nasheed.

The circuit court in where one of his or her violations occurred.  The circuit court will keep these files and records.  However, if a person violates a similar crime, then the erased records will be put back on.

The Democratic Rep. introduced the bill earlier in January.  Nasheed brought up the bill during the urban issues committee hearing Monday.