USDA Report: Crop conditions getting worse 3

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PRAIRIE HOME - The USDA released a weekly crop progress report Monday showing an incline in crop yield, but a steady decline in U.S. crop conditions. 

The report shows soybean blooming is down from last year, but up from just last week.

According to the report, the rate of soybean pod conditions has declined by 22% since last year.

One fourth-generation farmer from Prairie Home says it's not the conditions of the yield he is worried about, but the prices those yields bring. 

"I don't know how the condition report can go down, and the yields go up," Nathan Alpers said.

Alpers said because of timely rains, his crops are sitting in a good spot this season. He said you do not have to go far south to find pockets that did not fare as well as those on his land.

"The main issue is that we have to find some demand for our crop," Alpers said. "These crop prices wouldn't be this way if it wouldn't be for our tariffs."

Alpers said demand has become less of a short-term problem, and more of a yearly reoccurrence. While his yields are not as successful in year's past, Alpers said he is optimistic.