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Mid-Missouri - Six counties voted tonight on whether or not to pass a use tax. 

Normally you are supposed to pay a use tax when you purchase an item and don't pay your home state's sale tax. For example, when you buy something in another state and bring it home.

Here are the results for the six counties:

Cooper County: Yes - 1001 Votes           No - 691          Passed

Gasconada: Yes - 828             No - 940                           Failed

Howard: Yes - 643                  No - 470                          Passed

Moniteau: Yes - 674               No: 556                           Passed

Morgan: Yes - 1061                 No: 830                           Passed

Randolph: Yes - 889                No: 678                           Passed

In Gasconade, the failure to pass the tax could cost the county up to $60,000.