USPS suspends walking mail delivery Wednesday

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COLUMBIA – The United States Postal Service will only be delivering packages in Columbia on Wednesday.

“It’s a local decision,” Postmaster Bart Green said. “But we get guidance from our superiors at the district area and headquarters level.”

Green said he made his decision early Wednesday morning. 

“What we're doing is looking out for the safety of our employees,” Green said. 

Other parts of the Midwest have stopped mail delivery all together.  

Ethan Whitley delivers mail in Columbia. He said this is the coldest day he’s had to work.

“My face is cold, but everything else is fine,” Whitley said while loading his truck.

He said there was no hesitation coming into work on Wednesday.  

“I’m not worried about it at all. As long as you keep the blood flowing they'll stay warm,” Whitley said.

Green said he hopes to deliver all forms of mail again on Thursday.