USPS Tries to Make Routes More Efficient Within Budget Constraints

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COLUMBIA - The United States Postal Service held a job fair in St. PetersTuesday morning. Job fairs will continue all week in the St.Louis area. The goal of the job fairs are to hire rural mail carriers, so mail can get to customers in areas with little broadband Internet.

The problem with the USPS branch in Columbia is the budget.

"We are trying to create new jobs, but we really don't have the budget," General Clerk for the United States Postal Service Howard Hutton said. "We may have what is actually a new job with new pay to be able to continue the service, but there are different kind of jobs."

Hutton said the whole post office is absorbing the whole budget problem together, and the Columbia post office has a lot of work to do.

"Our productivity level is the highest in the country, but because of that we are also looking to do even better here," Hutton said. "To do that we have to come up with more people to do the service for the mail products we have."

The Columbia post office is trying to make each route more efficient so it can handle more.

Hutton said one of the things the postal service is doing is trying to move people's boxes to the street. He said it is one of the only ways within the constraints they are in to be able to even consider coming in to budget while still serving people.

The Columbia location has already filled a lot of new slots.

"We are calling them CCA positions and PSE positions," Hutton said. "The PSE position is more of a clerk position on the inside that processes the mail, and the CCA is a city carrier position that is not a career position with the post office."

Year after year Hutton said Columbia has been the most productive in the entire USPS. The constraints are based on location, size, and how much work gets done based on how much work needs to be done.

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