Utility bills higher this summer over last year

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COLUMBIA- Some are noticing higher utility bills this month compared to the past few months, with even bigger increases compared to the same months in 2019. We can blame it on the recent temperature spike. 

"The difference between what you have your air conditioning set at home and the temperature outside, that indicates how hard your air conditioning is going to have to work," said Meredith Hoenes, Boone Electric Cooperative communications specialist.

Patricia Howard is a Columbia resident. She said her bill went from averaging $100 or $150 to about $200. 

But she has ways that she keeps her cost down. 

"Well we buy our water and we try to use the fan as much as possible instead of turning on the air conditioning," said Howard. 

"One degree difference can add 8 percent volume to your bill," said Hoenes. 

So changing a thermostat from 75 to 78 degrees take 24% off your bill. 

"A lot of times we set out thermostat, leave it and forget about it," said Hoenes. 

Bonne Electric Cooperative has information on its website on how you can be energy efficient.