Vacant properties featured in Brick District Open House

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FULTON – The city advertised twelve currently unused buildings to anyone looking to buy or rent a location for business in Fulton’s Brick District Saturday. 

Fulton Area Development Corporation President Bruce Hackmann said this is the first time it has presented the buildings in this manner.

“This is a chance to give people coming to Fulton an opportunity to see what we have to offer,” Hackmann said. “We’re hoping we can get some people to take advantage of that.”

Hackmann said some buildings have been vacant for months while others have been unoccupied for around a year.

“It definitely varies, in terms of how long they’ve been available,” Hackmann said. “And after today, we plan to do other things to work on getting all the spaces filled.”

Building owner Kathy Neal said she closed her business five years ago and looks at today’s open house, featuring her property as one of the twelve, as a great opportunity.

“More business can bring more life, jobs and tax dollars to our local community,” Neal said. “And since our downtown area is a popular ‘go-for-a-stroll’ area, a new business could do very well.”

Both Neal and Hackmann said they did not expect every property to be picked up today, but both said they are handling the process with a positive attitude.

“We obviously don’t think people are going to take one look and just buy this today,” Hackmann said. “But this city and district has been growing rapidly, so even if we just spark some interest in buyers, today will have been a success.”