Valentine's Day consumer spending is at an all-time high

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COLUMBIA - Love is in the air and on the receipt at many restaurants and businesses during Valentines Day. This holiday has a history of spending and this year the amount is expected to increase causing stress to some business owners.

According to the National Retail Federation, individuals will spend an average of $196.31 and total spending is expected to be up 32 percent from 2019 at $27.4 billion. Tina Bradley is the manager at Allen's Flower Shop and said a word to describe the day is crazy.

"We had right at 300 deliveries and probably at least 50 pickups and it's nuts we have 10 drivers...We do strive to do our very best to get everybody's delivery to them on that day," said Bradley.

Bradley records showed an increase in orders that she attributes to Valentine's Day falling on a Friday.

"Usually Fridays are a little bit slower because people tend to go out to eat, dinner and a movie. This year it was really a good Friday Valentine's Day," she said.

President of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Matt McCormick, thinks the boost in spending is great to hear.

"It's a great domino effects that is a good influx of revue back into the city and into the sales tax," said McCormick.

As stems and petals litter the flower shops floor, Bradley said it's worth it for the customer.

"It's no fun to get Valentines Day flowers after Valentines Day," she said.

The shop will be opened on Saturday as well.