Valve break cuts off water in New Franklin

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NEW FRANKLIN – New Franklin will be without water until a broken valve is replaced. That could come as early as Thursday night, Mayor Jerry Thornton said.

Crews were working on the valve when the pipe split. The work was part of a 2-year long plan to isolate the old water plant from the water tower about a mile away. 

The city initially tried to repair the valve without shutting off the water, but that didn't work.

“You have to turn all the water off, cut the pipe out, install the new valve then bolt it up, which we were trying to avoid so we wouldn’t have to shut water off in town. But as it turn out, they had to shut water off anyway,” Thornton said.

The mayor said there will be a boil order after the water comes back.

Jason Jennings, who owns a meat store, said the water break hurts production, especially since it takes 24 hours for crews to test the water after it is turned back on.

“A day's production, that’s probably in the neighborhood of $30,000 in product that we would produce and be able to ship and sell. So it’s a big hit,” Jennings said.