Vandalism Spikes in Downtown Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The Coffee Zone on Ninth Street in Columbia was vandalized early Sunday morning. This is the second time Coffee Zone has been vandalized in a week.

Coffee Zone Owner Osama Yanis said he's had enough. 

"If we can't be safe on Ninth Street, they [Columbia Police] need to communicate with business owners better," Yanis said. "We have to take this in our own hands, we have to protect ourselves and broken arms cannot break windows."

Yanis received a call around 1:30 a.m. Sunday that his store window had been hit by a large rock. 

"This could have killed somebody. This is like a drive by shooting ... and Columbia police should treat this like a drive by shooting," Yanis said. 

When Coffee Zone was vandalized before, the perpetrator hit two different windows with large rocks costing $1,600 in damage. In total,  Yanis said the damage will cost more than $2,500 to fix another window and repair the back wall the rock hit. 

Coffee Zone is not the only downtown coffee shop vandalized this month. On April 18, 2014, Lakota Coffee was hit by large rock resulting in a broken window, along with red paint splattered across their new awning. Other businesses downtown have been hit with large rocks as well. 

Yanis said there was a police car parked right across the street when Coffee Zone was vandalized Sunday morning.

No one was able to comment from the Columbia Police Department.