Vandals strike Sky Zone twice; park wants help finding suspects

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COLUMBIA – Columbia’s Sky Zone has experienced vandalism twice in the last two weeks, and the park is reaching out to the community for any tips.

Sky Zone posted two surveillance photos on its Facebook page asking, "do you know these three."

General Manager Aaron Kincaid said he’s gotten more than 20 private messages about the post, and some have given the park some possible leads.

Kincaid said it’s frustrating that anyone would damage what’s supposed to be a fun place.

“Honestly, we have that ‘safe and healthy environment’ whenever we come to the park, and when I come to the park and don’t feel safe, and it’s frustrating when you’ve got that repeat vandalism,” he said.

Kincaid said the vandals caused about $500 worth of damage to two mail boxes and a few trees. He said this is the first time the park has had a problem with vandalism since it opened nearly a year ago.

He said he was surprised by the reaction from people in the community.

“You don’t necessarily know how supportive, how much your guests and customers love your business until something like this happens,” Kincaid said. “They really come together and they want to get to the bottom of it.”

Sky Zone manager Nancy Jurgensmeyer said the response has been overwhelming.

“The outpouring, the support, the words of just compassion towards us, for our property being damaged, the people are protective,” she said. “It made us feel like we’re not standing here alone.”

Kincaid said he watched surveillance video of the suspects committing the crimes the morning after each incident. He said he thinks the same people vandalized the property both times. Each incident happened about 10:40 p.m.

Kincaid also said Columbia Police Department has been very supportive through the process, but no suspects have been identified.

KOMU 8 reached out the CPD for the status of this investigation, but has not heard back.

Sky Zone's Facebook post has gotten more than 100 shares. The park is offering free jumps for the rest of the year to anyone who helps identify the suspects.

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