Veteran cooks Christmas dinner for CPD

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COLUMBIA - Columbia police officers on-duty on Christmas Day got a special present, and it wasn't from Santa.

Diana Reynard brought trays of ham, potatoes, stuffing and green beans for officers.

“It’s just something little to let them know they’re appreciated,” Reynard said.

This isn’t the first time Reynard has delivered food to officers. She’s the manager of a Domino’s, and when the store has pizzas left at the end of the night, she drops them off at the station.

Reynard is an eight year veteran of the United States Army. She said her service gives her a different appreciation for the police force.

“It’s being in the military, being on the front line 24/7,” Reynard said.

Reynard comes from a military family. Her father served in the Air Force and both of her daughters are in the Navy. Reynard doesn’t get to see her daughters much and is often alone during the holidays. She said she enjoys putting her kitchen to use.

“I like it, it gives me someone to cook for and bake for,” Reynard said.

Reynard wanted to do more than just provide dinner for the officers. She made a Candy Survival Kit for each and every one of the 170 Columbia police officers. She filled paper bags with different types of candy, each one with a special meaning.

“There’s Dum-Dums because they deal with so many. There’s Lifesavers because they save lives, and stuff like that,” Reynard said.

Officer Turner Schuster said the show of support from the community is appreciated.

“It’s really nice when people bring food and stuff,” Schuster said. “It gives us time as a police family to sit around and eat together. You know, really cherish the down time that we might have.”

Reynard said she’s happy to reward the work the officers put into the community with a little extra work in the kitchen.

“In my opinion, they’re worth it,” Reynard said.