Veteran reunited with World War II aircraft

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COLUMBIA - Michele Spry and Ferrill Purdy's friendship began when Purdy went to get his wife's lamp fixed. Their chance encounter brought Purdy back together with his corsair plane from World War II.

94-year-old Purdy was a marine fighter pilot during World War II. Spry wanted to reunite Purdy and the plane, and she traced the plane back to Chino, California.

Purdy couldn't fly out to California because of health reasons, so with the help of local organizations Spry raised $28,000 to bring the plane to him.

"The first thing he's going to want to do is get up close to her and pat the belly, because that's what he's always talked about," Spry said.

After 70 years, Purdy and his plane had an emotional reconnection.

“Here we are with a piece of metal that can do anything that they wanted to do and that’s the way we flew it,” Purdy said. 



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