Veterans Affairs listens to community feedback

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COLUMBIA - The Harry S. Truman Memorial Veteran's Hospital held a meeting Wednesday to explain new plans and changes for the veteran community.

Veterans Affairs now assists about 37,000 veterans around Mid-Missouri. Many of them gave positive feedback to the VA Board at the meeting, and they also had the opportunity to list concerns or questions. 

One of the concerns was about accessibility to medical needs and how fast they could receive them. Public Affairs Officer Stephen Gaither said this meeting served as another mechanism to stay up to date with the veterans' needs.

"Access to care has been the topic over the last several months in VA health care systems," said Gaither. " The plans that are in place, that will be acting upon, will help us address those issues for the veterans."

The majority of the veterans at the meeting said they were satisfied with the care and attention they have been provided with.