Veterans organizations reach out to mid-Missouri veterans

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FULTON - The Columbia Vet Center sent its mobile vet center vehicle to Fulton to educate and help veterans and the community.

The mobile vet center parked in front of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2657 Saturday.

The vehicle travels to rural counties in Missouri to provide veterans with a range of services, including counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder and helping veterans file disability claims. It also performs rural outreach to veterans who may have difficulty accessing veterans services.

The Columbia Vet Center said the vehicle was created as part of a national initiative to provide outreach services and travels around Missouri year-round.

Larry Underwood, the Post Commander for the Fulton VFW, said veterans can also access similar services through their local VFW post.

"We're set up to try to help the veterans in the community, and try to help the community out a little bit ourselves," Underwood said. "We do things like take in wheelchairs, walkers and hospital beds and try to redistribute them to the community."

Underwood said the VFW works with organizations like the Columbia Vet Center to provide services like the mobile vet center.