Veto bill HCB 3

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JEFFERSON CITY- Democrats voiced concerns over a veto by Governor Greitens after a public hearing Monday morning.
The hearing discussed the recent cuts to Medicaid. Greitens recently made these cuts, and in order for the state to approve it, a public hearing is required to request a waiver.
Missouri House Democrats said they don't approve of Greitens vetoing HCB 3. Rep. Crystal Quade, D- Springfield, said she wants the governor's veto to be overridden.
“I am requesting that the waivers do not move forward because this was a bipartisan supported effort to restore these cuts," Quade said.
The Governor vetoed HCB 3, which would provide a one-time payment this year of around $35 million into the Missouri senior services protection fund. The money would help fund in-home health care services to the elderly and people with disabilities so they can live independently. 
Elisa Pellham works with Integrity Home Care and Hospice in Springfield.
“While we are looking into revising the assessment process, we cannot cut our elderly and disabled and give them no option," Pellham said.
Rep. Peter Merideth, D- St. Louis, said not passing HCB 3 will hurt the state in the long run even though the bill is a short term solution. 
“The fact is these cuts mean that we as tax payers will be paying more in the long run to deal with the services that the people need," Merideth said.
He added some of the long term solutions could be delaying some of the tax cuts about to take effect and changing the tax codes. 
Sen. Gary Romine, R- Farmington, voted against HCB 3 and said he think's it's important to take care of the most vulnerable, but doesn't like the one-time fix. 
“I understand where they are coming from in that regard, but we need something that is sustainable, not a one time fix," Romine said. "Putting a band aid on it would be a problem."
Democrats said they hope to bring up the bill at the veto session in September.