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JEFFERSON CITY - Governor Nixon recognized Scholastic Corporation on Tuesday as part of his Show-Me Heroes initiative.  The corporation has hired two military veterans as part of this initiative in the past year.

Steve Brusherd has been an employee for over two decades and is one of Scholastic's working veterans.  Brusherd served in Vietnam. He was surprised to find out that Scholastic was getting honored but he said his employer appreciates its veterans.

"I knew scholastic had always stuck up for their veterans but I never imagined it would go that far. It's kind of an honor," said Brusherd.  

He said his co-workers ask him occasionally about his experiences in Vietnam.  He said it's hard for him to talk about it and he leaves out a lot details in his answers.  Brusherd finds comfort in the other veterans on staff.

"They understand certain things you know. Just the average person doesn't look at you and say, "Oh I've been there," said Brusherd.

Nixon said 1,700 employers have pledged to hire veterans as part of the initiative and that 1,000 veterans have been hired so far.

Nixon said he was talking to troops when he was in Afghanistan and that's what sparked the idea to create this initiative.  He said one soldier told him he was scared about trying to find a job once he returned to the states.

"Our military veterans who return to civilian life are also one of our state's most valuable resources and we have made a clear path to make sure we are getting those resources and using those resources as best we can."

Brusherd said Scholastic's gestures like happily giving him the day off on Veteran's day make him feel appreciated.