Vice Chair of Mo. GOP apologizes for writing on top of painting

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Vice Chairperson of the Missouri Republican Party came out with a statement apologizing for writing on top of a mural made by a famous Missouri artist.

Valinda Freed was writing on a piece of paper on top of the mural when Dave Marner of the Gasconade County Republican snapped a photo.

It is not clear whether there was any damage done to the mural.

"I offer my sincere apology for my completely unplanned and thoughtless act. The Thomas Hart Benton mural, and all the magnificent artwork in the Capitol, are state and national treasures," Valinda Freed said.

Benson's mural has been in the Missouri Statehouse since the 1930's, and according to research done by Truman State University, he considers it one of his best.

Dana Harttrove, a local artist who displays work at the Artlandish Gallery in Columbia, said writing on top of murals, especially murals made with oil pastels, can have consequences like chipping.