Victim Identified in Fatal Crash

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COLUMBIA - An SUV crashed into a telephone pole at 2 o'clock this morning, leaving one person dead and three others severely injured.

Police identified the victim of the crash as 26-year-old David T. McBride from Columbia. He was heading East on Blue Ridge Road with 18-year-olds James R. Ryan and Lateshia K. Jordan, along with the driver, 19-year-old Desmeisha A. Thomas. 

According to the police report, Thomas lost control of the vehicle before it crashed into the pole, overturned and then slid for approximately 75 feet. The neighbors who lived in the house behind the scene of the crash were the first people on the scene. Devin Turner, 21, recounted exactly what happened before police and paramedics had arrived.

"As I was coming down the steps, he was coming through the front door and he was bleeding everywhere, so, we helped him out," Turner said as he described how Miller ran into his house. "Then we went to the car and there was no way to help the last person out because he was caught in the car and we didn't want to pull him out."

Debris was still scattered around the front of Turner's home, where the crash had occurred. Broken CDs, an empty bottle of Vodka, socks, brushes, glass, and metal scraps from the vehicle surrounded the scene. Pink paint sprayed on the street showed exactly where the vehicle landed, and just how smashed-in it ended up.

Police are currently awaiting a pending lab report which will determine whether or not Thomas was driving while impaired. Although they do suspect alcohol and excessive speed both contributed to the crash, no arrests have yet been made.