Vietnam War Memorial on Display in Boonville

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BOONVILLE - Boonville now has its own Vietnam Memorial, at 736 Main Street, until Monday morning. The memorial is 250 feet long and extends 126 feet in each direction. It's about half the size of the actual memorial in Washington, D.C.

There are more than 58,000 names on each wall. The names are in chronological order, so those who fought and died together are grouped together.

Bob Bosma is the project manager for bringing the wall to Boonville. He was a medic in the Vietnam War.

"What that means to me, of course, is that there's many names on the wall that are very personal to me. That's what drives me to bring it back to Boonville," Bosma said.

He said it cost $5,000 to bring in the wall to Boonville.

"Boonville tourism was great in providing about half of that," he said. 

Bosma also said the Isle of Capri Casino donated $2,000 toward the memorial. Local organizations and individuals helped fund any additional expenses. 

Bosma said the wall itself cost the owner roughly $1 million. The owner of the wall travels across the country to display the replica.

"He came here from Elgin, Nebraska, last week," Bosma said.

Bosma said It took 12 hours to build the base and it will take about three hours to put the wall up. 

It's free to the public to visit the wall at anytime while it's up for display. The last time the wall was in Boonville was 2005.