Viewers Featured as Super Fans of the Day - Morgan

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COLUMBIA - KOMU 8 News is celebrating Mizzou's stellar season by honoring a super fan of the day, every day until the last bowl game is over.

Viewers can submit photos via Twitter or Instagram @komunews with the tag #KOMUsuperfan or email us at Be sure to include details about what makes your nominee deserve the label of "super." We also need to know the name and age, where the picture was taken and when.

We're airing a segment each evening at 6 p.m. and the nightly video clips will appear in the thumbnails to the left.

Below are pictures of our super fans, presented in reverse chronological order, with the newest on top.

December 7 - Sam, Braden, Quinn, Henry, Louella, Charlie, and Dani Lynn McIntosh represent our many "fans" (plural) of the day. 

December 6 - Morgan Bussard (below) got flashy with her fandom.


December 5 - Josiah Linneman (below) rocked the black and gold.


December 4 - Landon Cunningman (below) showed us a fierce fan face.


December 3 - Liam Cernecka (below) was our first super fan of the day.