Violence breaks out at vigil for Columbia homicide victim

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COLUMBIA - A vigil honoring a man killed in a shooting Sunday morning was cut short Monday night because a fight broke out.

During the vigil for Jamar Hicks, people started fighting, and there were reports of a gun. Police showed up, and people scattered.

Hicks died Sunday morning after a shooting at a gas station on East Broadway near Trimble Road. The shooting left two others with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Hicks was also know as "Cuddin Mar," and his friends said he was remembered most for his laugh. 

“That laugh is ugly but I mean it’s unforgettable though, it’s a Cuddin Mar laugh," described one of Hicks' friends. "I mean once you heard it, you heard it and you’ll never forget it. He could be around the corridor and you could hear it and say ‘ah ya that’s Mar.’”

Friends described him as energetic, goofy, outgoing, and the life of the party.  

In memory of his personality, friends tried to keep the vigil's mood light. 

“If there’s a bad vibe, he’s always trying to make it better. He’s always trying to make the joke of the day,” remembered one friend Ashleigh. 

People in attendance told KOMU 8 News they were shocked that Hicks was involved in a shooting. 

“I’m still in disbelief. You can kind of suspect certain people to go out in certain ways," said Ahmonta Harris, a longtime friend. "He didn’t live the lifestyle, so the way he went out didn’t add up to how he went out. It just ain’t right.”

Hicks grew up in Columbia and graduated from Hickman High School after playing football. He is the father of three children and worked at the Bob McCosh dealership in town. 

“At first I got the call, I thought the person on the other end of the phone was lying to me for some reason, so I immediately tried to FaceTime Jamar. No answer, but he always answers, so I called his mama and she was screaming so I knew it was real,” said Charla, the mother of Hicks' children. 

Charla was with Hicks the night before the incident and described the night out as full of good laughs and memories.

The Columbia Police Department have not released a motive or named a suspect in Sunday's shooting.  

One of Hicks' friends thought the shooter was targeting Hicks and was motivated by jealousy. 

“Cuddin has something to live for and they took that,” his friend said. 

Hicks' funeral is scheduled for Saturday and his family is collecting donations by selling shirts. 

“We just took a really big loss, but hopefully the community can come together in a different way and also be more involved with their children as he was,” Ashleigh said. “He was legendary.”