Violent crimes in Jefferson City decrease over 30 percent

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JEFFERSON CITY – Violent crime in Jefferson City was down 33 percent last year, according to an FBI report.

The uniform crime report showed a total of 133 reported violent crimes in Jefferson City in 2014. The same report showed a total of 200 violent crimes reported in 2013. Captain Doug Shoemaker of the Jefferson City Police Department said the department is not responsible for a decrease or increase in violent crimes.

Shoemaker also noted that most violent crimes are not preventable, making it difficult for any department to have a direct effect on crime numbers.

“While we do practice preventive control, where officers drive through their particular assigned zones and try and go through as many streets to be as visible as possible that doesn’t mean we are going to stop a homicide from occurring,” Shoemaker said.

The police captain said JCPD is constantly reviewing crime statistics and trends to adjust policing programs and personnel.

“The only thing they really effect is how we continue every year to look at what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and assessing the effectiveness of the programs or projects that we put in place and how we allocate our personnel,” Shoemaker said.

Although JCPD doesn’t take credit for the dip in violent crime numbers, Shoemaker said the department is glad to see last year’s violent crimes lower.