Vision Commission addresses education concerns

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia Vision Commission met Monday to discuss measures addressing local education problems.

The commission made recommendations based on the feedback from last week's education forum. Most of the measures will deal with Columbia Public Schools.

The measures include more communication between city departments and Columbia Public Schools, the creation of new sporting venues, potentially in cooperation with Columbia Parks and Recreation, increasing early childhood education opportunities, and more summer activities and opportunities for children.

The fifth measure would find ways to promote a United Way education hotline locally.

Commission member Eric Hucker led the discussion and said communication between the city and schools about construction and city logistics is the biggest concern moving forward for the commission.

"A persistent theme we've seen through discussions and the forum is communication. Better communication between the city and the school board. And that's certainly not to say good communication doesn't already exist. The city and the board do have a lot of reciprocal appointments and there's a lot of meetings, but there's room for improvement in some key areas," Hucker said.

The commission approved the report at the meeting. After finalizing the report, Hucker said the commission will send it to the city council in mid-August. However, the commission does not know for sure if the council will choose to take action on the report.