Vistors Enjoy Crush Festival

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ROCHEPORT - Les Bourgeois Winery held its annual Crush Festival Saturday.  Visitors were able to crush grapes with their feet, listen to live music, and other various activities for kids.

The heat this year brought concern to the grape production, Les Bourgeois Winery worker says the wine coule be better than before.

"We usually like to let the red grapes sit for a while on the vine, but it runs the risk of having a frost.  But since the grapes budded so early, we are done now--a month early," said Jacob Holman.

Holman said, the well irrigate land accounts for the grapes not drying out, and although some of the grapes were sun burnt, the taste should be the same.

"There are things you can do in the beginning steps to make sure the taste is not sour or tart," Holman said.