Voice Symposium Gives Important Health Tips

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri School of Medicine hosted the second annual Voice Symposium and Vocal Arts Festival at the Missouri Theatre Saturday to inform the public that singers aren't the only ones who should be taking care of their voices.

"I think people don't think about how they use their voice everyday," soprano singer Gina Malone said. "In order to sustain that amount of activity using it, in the proper way, is really important in terms of long-term use."

Malone, along with other panel members, discussed the importance of maximizing and maintaining your voice. They gave tips such as when to gargle water to help relieve your throat during allergy season or during a common cold. Audience members asked questions about which products they should use when ill or for everyday voice maintenance.

As a singer, Malone always uses a simple everyday tip to help lubricate her vocal chords.

"I think water is the number one thing," she said. "Drinking water all day long, constantly just to keep everything sort of lubricated and moisturized. That just sort of helps everything function optimally."

After the panel left the stage, students from the Missouri School of Music performed an opera piece.