Voluntary Action Center Honors Leader

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COLUMBIA - Co-workers and friends worked Thursday to prepare for a service honoring Cindy Mustard as she approaches her retirement from the Voluntary Action Center.  Mustard plans to retire from her executive director position after working for twenty years at the VAC. 

Mustard said her fondest memories are "helping families who have fallen on tough times, pick themselves back up and carry on with their lives." She said her biggest accomplishments "are setting up programs like 'Lunch in the Park' and the 'Youth Enrichment Fund.'"

As executive director of the VAC, Mustard added at least nine special programs for low-income residents.  The christmas program volunteer for the VAC, Ameila Cottle, said the reason she worked for the VAC was because of Mustard.  "She always comes in the office with a smile on her face and is a joy to work with. I'm going to miss her," said Myers.

VAC Project Director Ron Schmidt worked with Mustard for two years.  He said when he heard the news that Mustard would retire, he and the VAC staff tried to get her to reconsider.  "I know it was selfish of us, but we really didn't want Cindy to leave."  But Schmidt said, "If anyone deserves to retire, it is Cindy."

Mustard said she plans to continue to volunteer her time within the community.  And she said she plans to continue volunteering at the Missouri Theatre Board and the Kings Daughters Home.