Voluntary Action Center Reveals Services through Calendar

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COLUMBIA - The Voluntary Action Center (VAC) revealed 12 services through a calendar in tonight's 12th annual Spring Into Action.

The VAC helps low-income families become more stable through providing life needs and services. The goal of "the reveal" was to communicate VAC's work to the community. VAC wants the community to better understand the essential services it provides.

"The people in Boone Country know one thing about VAC and that's that we do the holiday program in December where we adopt needy families in Boone County, the idea of the calendar is to tell people 12 things we do," Planning Committee Co-Chair Lea Evans said.

The calendar highlight's a service the VAC provides for each month along with a picture of what VAC calls a public figure in Columbia. VAC said its criteria for the faces in each month was the person must be someone many people in Columbia can recognize, and that person must do something that represents a VAC service.

Mayor Bob McDavid is the face of July, which features "Christmas in July," a Christmas-themed picnic for low-income families.

June highlights "Fans and AC Exchange," which VAC said are very important items during the summer months.

October highlights "Diapers and Formulas." VAC explained it's the small things that make a big difference for moms. The agency gave out more than 1,000 diapers last year.

November highlights Youth Enrichment, which is a popular service for VAC that helps young people get involved with after school activities.

The twelve people featured in the calendar will campaign this summer to compete for their picture on the cover of the calendar. You can vote for the cover by visiting www.vacmo.org\covervote or by calling 573-874-2273, you can also purchase the calendar with this number.

Calendars will be mailed out in October.