Volunteer group presents petition regarding roll cart use

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COLUMBIA - The Solid Waste Advocacy Group presented a petition to the city clerk's office Friday to prevent the purchase of roll carts.

SWAG spokesperson Mary Sapp has been a Columbia resident for more than 30 years. She said some of her biggest concerns regarding roll carts are asthetics and money.

"Roll carts are ugly, they're difficult to use, and $6 million is an unnecessary expense to our taxpayers," Sapp said.

SWAG has been collecting signatures for two months and turned in 4,084 on the petition Friday.

City Clerk Sheela Amin said the city has 30 days to verify whether the petition has enough votes, which is 2,567. If the petition has enough votes, the city will create an ordinance that will go to the Columbia City Council. The council could then vote to delay the purchase of carts for up to six months.

Carol Headley, another SWAG member, said the group began after she and her husband wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Columbia Tribune. She said other people contacted them because they were interested in forming a group in opposition to roll carts.

Public Works spokesperson Steven Sapp said there are a number of reasons why roll carts would be beneficial to the city, such as an increase in recycling and fewer injuries for trash collectors.