Volunteers Raise Money

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COLUMBIA- The Service League Auxiliary of MU's University Hospital donated $180,000 to help update 84 emergency crash carts this month. The SLA supports patient programs that help make patient care and hospital stays more comfortable and enjoyable. Fourteen-year SLA member Pat Lieurance said, "We do fundraising kinds of things and buy things for the hospital that people have expressed they need to have and is not in their regular hospital budget."

In the past, the SLA has raised money for new ambulances and bed lifts by selling candy grams, jewelry and chocolate covered strawberries. Nurses use crash carts in emergency situations to help treat patients faster and more effectively. SLA members and nurses agreed the hospital's crash carts were in desperate need of updating.

RN Stacey Lindsey said, "There's tubes to intubate somebody in case they are not breathing. We can help them to utilize some breathing form. The EKG monitor is here, there's IV stuff, and there's medicines that are there in case their heart is at a rhythm that we can't control."

In the past six years, SLA volunteers have raised more than half a million dollars. SLA members welcome people to volunteer on the first Monday of each month at 1 p.m. at the hospital's main lobby.