Voter registration is up in Callaway County

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FULTON - Wednesday February 12 is the last day to register to vote for the Missouri Presidential Preference Primary election.  That election will take place March 10.

Callaway County Clerk Ronda Miller said voter registration is up this year. She said she believes the increase is because of social media and the national political events.

“We have had quite a few voters doing that today alone,” Miller said. “Between yesterday and today we have had about 105 maybe change of address and actual registrations.”

Callaway County offices will be closed Wednesday in honor of Lincoln Day, but voters can still register to vote online. The Boone County Clerk’s office will still be open Wednesday for voter registration. 

Miller said Callaway County takes specific steps to keep the elections secure. 

“I actually deliver our machines the day before an election, so I know that it's in a secure place,” Miller said. “We visit our polling places and our voting judges are thoroughly trained and know different steps and have precautions to follow.”

The steps to secure an election continue after the last vote is cast. 

“It's always a bipartisan team that takes and brings back our ballots in the evening for us to have to run through our voting count so everything is done bipartisan and very secure,” Miller said. 

Finally, Miller encourages everyone to vote.

“It’s a person’s right to be able to do that,” Miller said.