Voter Turnout Low for Missouri's "Meaningless" Primary

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COLUMBIA - Tuesday, voters in Missouri's presidential primary turned out in low numbers in what many deemed a merely symbolic day of voting. 

Election officials expected about 23 percent of Missouri voters to turn out for the vote. Polling workers at the Columbia Public Library reported that by 2p.m.they had seen no more than 80 voters all day.

A lot of voters attributed the low turnout to what many called the "meaningless" nature of the Republican primary. Any votes cast won't count toward awarding Missouri's delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Two years ago, the Republican National Committee told all but four states they must hold their races in March or later. States which violated this rule would lose half their delegates. Missouri's Republican legislature tried to move it's traditional primary date from February, but Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed the bill in July. Nixon said he disagreed with other provisions in the bill unrelated to the primary date.  

On March 17, the Missouri Republican Party will hold a caucus to award the state's 52 delegates to a candidate.

The Missouri Secretary of State's website is reporting election night results by county as they come in.