Voter Turnout Varies with Local Issues II

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COLUMBIA - Voters in Boone County cast their ballot Tuesday on several issues, including school, fire protection, library and municpal races. 

Wendy Noren, Boone County Clerk, expects turnout to be low in some areas, while higher in others parts of the county due to hyper-localized issues.

"The months before the election were a lot quieter than I thought it would be," Noren said. "I anticipated a really good turnout when we saw the issues on the ballot, but it could be a little spotty in some areas."

Noren said Columbia dominates in voter registration and may have more people, but expects a larger percentage of voters to participate in Hallsville and southern Boone County. She expects voter turnout in Columbia to be higher in the second and sixth ward. The two wards are not only voting on school issues, but also voting city council seats. Noren said voters care about hyper-local issues that affect their neighborhoods and families.