Voters Express Reasons to Vote

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COLUMBIA - Voting at Columbia voting locations have been slow Tuesday morning. But voters have until seven p.m. to vote.

The Columbia Activities and Recreation  Center is one of several voting stations across the state. Officials at the voting poll said they have had a constant flow of one or two people at a time. By noon, 130 citizens voted at the Arc. The poll officials there do expect it to pick up throughout the afternoon as people get off of work.

The Boone County Clerk does not know the total number of voters that have turned out at all locations. Those numbers will be released later with election results.

However, one voter expressed why it is important to vote in the primary election.

"I feel that the responsibility of voting falls on the shoulder of every citizen," Columbia resident Richard Grant said.

Grant said that some elections can be very close in votes and that every vote can make a difference.

Registered voters need to bring some sort of government issued identification such as an I.D. or utility bill to their designated polling places. You must vote at the correct polling place to avoid confusion about what ballot to use. Each district uses different ballots.

Voters can verify their voting place online at the Secretary of State website. Voters who were not registered before July 11th cannot vote in the primary election.