Voters Line Up at Boone County Central Polling Place

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COLUMBIA - The line was out the door at the MU Student Center polling place Tuesday. 

The student center is a central voting place for Boone County. Anyone registered to vote in Boone County are allowed to vote at this location. One local voter said she voted at the central voting location because it is more convenient that her usual polling place.

"I actually live north of town, so a little bit out side of the city. So, this is a perfect spot for me since I'm here at work anyway and I have a long day, so it's perfect to be able to run up here and vote here," Tiffany Bowman said. 

Poll workers also provides some tips for voters. They said to bring at least one form of identification. They also suggested that voters read up on the amendments and propositions before going to the voting booth. They said this helps voters make informed decisions on other issues besides the high profile presidential race.

The other central voting location is at the county clerk's office. Polls close at 7 p.m.