Voters Petition to Keep Voting Precinct in Carrington

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CARRINGTON - More than 200 Carrington voters have signed a petition requesting the Callaway County Clerk's office to keep the local voting precinct in their township. Beginning in August,the polling location will be moved a few miles down the road to the Guthrie Community Church.

"I won't be voting, because I'm not driving all the way to Guthrie to vote," Carrington resident Mabel Davis said. "I don't think they should have taken it out of our precinct."

The Callaway County Clerk's office says the Guthrie Community church is more handicap accessible, and that combining polling locations will save the county about $2,000 per election. But Davis thinks the move is an unfair transfer of cost to voters. "It might save [the county], but it's not going to save the voters, and it's not going to save the poll workers by having to drive that much farther to work," Davis said.

Davis and other Carrington residents say the perfect polling location already exists in their township. The Carrington Baptist Church added an assembly hall in 1999 that is ADA compliant, and features two public restrooms.

"I'd like to see it brought back to the Carrington church, where this precinct could have a voting place," Davis said. "[We shouldn't] have to go to another precinct to vote. And I think that's more than fair."

Davis admits that it may be difficult to change polling locations for the August elections, but hopes a change can be made in time for the November elections.



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