Voting for new high school now open

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JEFFERSON CITY – Jefferson City residents can now vote on the name of the city's second high school.

The school board and its "2nd High School Naming Committee" received exactly 1,212 total name submissions, which included about 30 different name variations. From that pool, nine were chosen. Monday night, those nine were brought down to three, and now School-Community Relations Director Amy Berendzen says the community has the final say.

“From day one, the community has been involved in this entire process,” Berendzen said. “It matters to people, this is a really tight knit community and change is often hard for most for any community.”

The community can vote online between Mission High School, Stoneridge High School and Capital City School. Berendzen said people have not been shy with their votes.

“[Tuesday], less than twelve hours hot with the link, we had up to 1,700 votes,” Berendzen said. “In this instance, Facebook, Twitter and social media worked in our favor and helped us get that word out rather quickly.”

KOMU 8 News spoke to shoppers at Schnucks near Missouri Boulevard about the upcoming vote. Each potential school name received a vote, but most gravitated towards Capital City High School. Mission and Stoneridge High School name supporters preferred a more unique name. Berendzen noted that conversations on social media have been plentiful.

The name vote will complete Phase 1 of the Jefferson City Public School project. Phase 2 will focus on branding by determining what the school mascot and colors will be. Finally, Phase 3 will focus on the physical design of the building. Berendzen did stress that the current Jefferson City Public School will not go unnoticed.

“There is not a portion of that high school, Jefferson City High School, that will not go untouched,” Berendzen said. “The build on the brand new high school will be going while we are simultaneously renovating the old high school.”

Renovations on the old high school will begin in the summer of 2018. Developers will break ground on the new school in January. Voting for the new high school’s name will be available until December 5.