Warehouse Sale to Raise Money for Low Income Children

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COLUMBIA -- The CoMo Cares program is holding a warehouse sale Friday to raise money for low income children.  The goal is to raise enough money so it can afford a new building to hold the organization.  

According to CoMo Cares, 1 in 5 Missouri children fall below the poverty line-- and the greatest portion of those children are all under 6 years old. 

Executive Director, Sabrina Lambrecht, said she is motivated because families are grateful for the donations. 

"They are not just looking for a handout," Lambrecht said.  "They have... we have given them items, and then they have turned around and donated back to us."

CoMo Cares fan, Staci Ortbals, said the organization is convenient. 

"This is an organization that she has been creating through so many different resources and just trying to really help somebody with a one stop shop."

Volunteer, Randi Webster, said she wants to get the word out to the public. 

"I would like to have the community see that we are here,"  Webster said. "And possibly thinking about donating to us instead of tossing their old things in a landfill." 

The sale will run from 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. at 1730 Paris Rd. on Friday.