Warrensburg ordinance says breast feeding in public no longer nudity

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WARRENSBURG - The Warrensburg city council voted late Monday to change the city's nudity ordinance to allow mothers to breastfeed in public as long as it's discreet. 

The city is also dealing with a debate over whether mothers should be allowed to breastfeed at public pools. The Warrensburg Parks and Recreation department is considering banning mothers from breastfeeding in pool areas due to sanitation issues.

Mother Virginia Campbell said the sanitation issue is a false claim.

"There is nothing more pure or sterile than breast milk," Campbell said. "What happens when a kid uses the restroom in the pool? Spitting up will happen on the mother if anyone, not in the pool."

City Attorney Doug Harris said Monday night's decision only has to deal with the city itself.

"What the council did tonight [Monday] has nothing to do with general enforcement of indecent exposure within the city but rules applicable to parks facilities are set by the parks board."

Warrensburg Parks and Recreation is expected to make its decision soon.