Washington Park Ice Arena plans to re-open within a month

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Department of Parks and Recreation hopes to have the Washington Park Ice Arena back up and running within the next month. 

"We know it's frustrating and disheartening but we want to get the ice skaters on the ice as soon as possible," said Division Director Phil Stiles.

The ice arena had only been opened a week after damage from a last flood in August before it flooded again.

Stiles said the water comes from Wears Creek.

“You know the past weekend we had heavy rains. Three inches an hour, so water is coming down the creek with no where to go,” Stiles said.

The past couple of days have been focused on cleaning the rink up. 

“There’s a lot of mud from the flood waters, so we are in the process of getting all of that cleaned up,” Stiles said. “Once we get everything cleaned up then we can start making the ice process.”

While damages are still being assessed, Stiles said the latest flood doesn’t appear to be any worse than the last.

The cost of all of the repairs has yet to be evaluated. Parks and Rec is still going over the numbers from last month’s flood.

“Hopefully we’ll have insurance that will be paying the majority of it, otherwise we will just have to look at other funding sources if it doesn’t,” Stiles said.

Stiles said he and his department are in the process of looking for some solutions to avoid flooding in the future. They are hoping to address that issue within the next couple of months.