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COLUMBIA – Peaceworks and Beyond Nuclear will be hosting an event Tuesday night to talk about possible effects nuclear waste transport could have on Missouri.

There has been recent national debate over funding for the Yucca Mountain nuclear plant in Nevada, and plans to reopen it. Tuesday’s event will address concerns about how the nuclear waste would be transported across the country to the plant.

“This is something that has many dangers,” said Peaceworks director Mark Haim.

“High-level nuclear waste might be moving through our state on rails, on highways and possibly barges on the river,” he said.

According to a press release from Peaceworks, “the vast majority of the waste shipments through Missouri would be from other states' atomic reactors to the east, passing through Missouri, bound for Nevada.”

The railways this waste would travel through would be railways near Jefferson City. Haim said the implications of that could be harmful.

“We’re talking about waste that has to be safely isolated from the environment for literally hundreds of thousands of years,” he said.

Haim said the risk is when transporting these materials, if a cask were to bust, the nuclear waste could make surrounding areas uninhabitable. Exposure to such materials could also cause health problems.

The event will be held on MU’s campus at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. A representative from Beyond Nuclear will be the speaker for the event.