Water and Light to Review Annual Water Quality Report

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Water and Light will discuss the quality of water in Columbia at a meeting this morning.

The Water and Light Advisory Board will review the 2014 Water Quality Report. The United States Environmental Protection Agency's Safe Drinking Water Act requires an annual water quality report from the city. Samples are taken from 41 locations in Columbia, and more than 4,000 tests are run on the samples. The Water Quality Report lists substances that appear in measurable quantities after the tests are run. Water and Light tested for 83 regulated substances, including chloroform and sulfate.

There are 15 wells in Columbia. Altogether, the wells can pump around 21 gallons of water per minute and 30 million gallons of water a day.

Groundwater in Columbia is pumped from wells and then sent to the Columbia Water Treatment Plant. Most of the water that is piped to the plant does not contain harmful chemicals. Contaminants do not necessarily mean there is a risk of harm unless they exceed the maximum contaminant levels.

If there is anything that may effect the water quality, Water and Light will notify the Missouri Department of National Resources. 

Columbia Water and Light's meeting begins at 8 a.m. Wednesday.