Water line trenches trap some residents in North Columbia

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COLUMBIA - A trench in a north Columbia mobile home neighborhood caused some residents to be stranded at their homes.

According to the the owner of the Rustic Meadows property, the trenches were caused by replacing water lines and were supposed to be covered within the week. The rain on Sunday night made the trenches much worse.

“We’ve been having trouble getting in and out,” said resident Shyan Harris.

Harris said some cars were stuck in the trenches because of the rain. She said tow trucks were not able to get cars and large SUVs out of the trenches.

“Before [the rain] it was alright, but after it started raining all the mud made it a lot worse,” Harris said.

Harris said piles of dirt from the trenches were blocking her grandmother’s house when she moved in a few days ago. Harris and her family had to shovel a walkway in order to move her grandmother in.

A friend of Harris’ and a former resident of the neighborhood said he spent Sunday night helping residents get their cars out of the trench. Some residents called the police on Sunday night because so many cars were getting stuck. 

The land owners began to pave over the trenches Monday afternoon.