Water Main Construction Adds to Traffic Concerns

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COLUMBIA - Orange cones covered Wayne Road and Providence on Monday due to construction.  Columbia Water and Light installed a new water main on Wayne Road. The purpose of the project is to provide more water supply in the areas located on Wayne and Bingham Road.

People living in the area said the construction has made them look for other alternative routes  in order to avoid traffic.

"There has been a lot of trucks, you just have to know which roads you can go in and out of," Evelyn Tanner said. " It makes me nervous that you can get stuck or run into somebody." 

Tanner said that although there are changes in her daily routine, construction signs keep the area safe.

Columbia Water and Light officials warned customers in the area about the construction ahead of time. Customers might notice a slight change in their water for a small period of time. Construction started at 7 a.m Monday.